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Top 10 health benefits of black tea

1. Boosts Heart Health

The properties of black have been found to improve heart health, especially due to the flavones present in black tea. Scientists have confirmed that drinking more than or equal to 3 cups of black tea per day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

2. Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk

Cancer is a fatal disease that has claimed millions of lives. To lower the risk of cancer, particularly ovarian cancer, start drinking black tea. Like the catechins in green tea, the theaflavins in black tea can inhibit the proliferation of ovarian cancer cells.

3. Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Scientists have found that drinking tea can help lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes as the catechins and theaflavins in black tea help make the body more insulin sensitive and prevents beta cell dysfunction.

4. Boosts Immunity

Black tea is rich in antioxidants that help scavenge the free oxygen radicals. The oxygen radicals tend to mutate DNA and hamper normal cell function. This can lead to inflammation and activation of inflammatory pathways, which, in turn, can put the body in a state of stress. Black tea helps flush out the oxygen radicals thereby helping to restore normal cell and body functions and boosts immunity.

5. Improves Bone Health

scientists have observed that people who drink black tea can significantly restore bone density as black tea is a substitute for calcium. For this reason, drinking black tea can also reduce the risk of fractures that most commonly occur in elderly due to osteoporosis.

6. Reduces Parkinson’s Risk

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that mostly affects older people. However, nowadays, the younger generation is also being impacted due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, genes etc. Research suggests that the tea polyphenols have a neuroprotective effect on the brain. In a research conducted at the National University of Singapore, scientists found that the caffeine in black tea is inversely associated with Parkinson’s disease

7. Healthy Digestive Tract

A healthy gut can shield you from various diseases and disorders. Consuming black tea can help improve the count and variety of good gut microbe.

8. Lowers cholesterol

Unhealthy lifestyle and food habits can increase the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. High LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) can lead to plaque buildup in the arterial walls thereby limiting the blood flow leading to heart attack, stroke, ischemic attack, etc. In one study, black tea was shown to reduce 11.1 % LDL cholesterol. Japanese researchers found that Chinese black tea has anti-hypercholesterolemic effect in humans who were obese and prone to heart disease.

9. Aids Weight Loss

Obesity is the root cause of various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, PCODs, high cholesterol etc. Like green tea, black tea too can help you lose weight if consumed along with a few lifestyle changes.

10. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are painful and prevalent. It is caused due to increased excretion of crystal forming substances such as oxalate, calcium, and uric acid. Fortunately, drinking black tea can reduce the risk of kidney stones formation by 8%