“TEA & ME (Pure Teas)” is a perfect place to have a cuppa of tea to enjoy with your family and friends.

TEA & ME (Pure Teas) tea cafe, Dedicated to providing a complete tea experience. Offering the highest quality teas and fruit infusions

A smart, simple space that they could call their own for a while… sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings or even have a lot of good fun…all over steaming cups of tea.

Free Wi-Fi, magazines & music. This is the perfect place to sip on a drink, grab a snack and enjoy your day!

Tea is a great way to start your day. A healthy and refreshing tea with a light and soothing cup. This brew can be consumed anytime of the day.

Sip away your favorite tea and quench your thirst for a healthy life for that “TEA & ME (Pure Teas)” is the best place. Where you can enjoy a large variety of tea under one roof. Especially for those who look for refreshing and healthy beverage for comfort in good ambience.

“TEA & ME (Pure Teas)” strives to deliver an authentic tea drinking experience to its consumers with the expertise and the knowledge of the industry experts.

Tea served here is beyond an ordinary cup of tea securing the freshness of the tea leaves. Along with this, you can enjoy and get the tea according to mood & according to occasion with a unique distinct taste which will tantalize the taste buds of the tea drinkers with each sip.